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Studio Etiquette


Dance Studio Etiquette


  • Arrive on time for all classes to ensure smooth and uninterrupted sessions.


  • Wear appropriate dance attire: bodysuits and tights for all classes except Hip Hop. Ballet students should have their hair in a bun; other styles should be neatly tied back.


  • Clearly mark all dance shoes and personal items (bags, clothing, outerwear) with your child's name to prevent mix-ups.

 Parent Waiting Area:

  • Parents are welcome to wait in the front foyer. Please keep hallways clear to allow students to enter and exit classrooms easily.


  • Ensure timely pickup after class as students are not supervised once their scheduled class time ends.

  • By following these guidelines, we can create a respectful and efficient environment for everyone.


Thank you for your cooperation!

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Motivation determines what we do and

Attitude determines how well we do it

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